Your How-To Guide For a Healthier Halloween

check my reference HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


It’s that time of year again! Hilarious and cute costumes (like my dog’s peacock costume!), sugar galore, crisp autumn air, leaves changing (in most places), pumpkin spice, and hoodies! What else comes around starting this time of year? Weight gain, sluggishness, fatigue, and losing motivation. try this Here are five healthy Halloween tips:


  1. Bring Your Own Healthy Food to Halloween Parties

It’s easier to stick to your diet if you know there is something you enjoy, and are excited about, at the party you’re going to. Find a cool Halloween recipe to make to bring to a party, like this (Click Here) or this (Click Here). Take charge of your health and don’t rely on others to make food that suits your dietary needs. Show up with a healthy Halloween themed recipe that everyone can enjoy!

  1. my horse nachbarn kennenlernen Give Yourself a Night Off

Sometimes, we need to take a break. It isn’t easy to stick to your diet and exercise plan 100% of the time. Too many restrictions can lead to failure. So, cut yourself some slack and give yourself a night off or “cheat day”. Plan what day/night you want to let loose and don’t regret it. Commit to getting back into the groove of things the next day and have yourself some fun! You deserve it!

  1. united state of american dating site Walk, Walk, and Walk Some More!

Take advantage of trick or treating. If you have kids, give them the best trick or treating memories they’ve had so far! If you don’t have kids, but some of your friends do, let them know you’re interested in joining them! Walking is a great way to keep going on your fitness journey and get some fresh air with your friends! Maybe you live in a neighborhood with cool Halloween decorations. Take the dog for a walk and enjoy the scenery. Even if the Halloween festivities takes away time from your normal workout schedule, walking can help supplement the time lost! So walk, walk, and walk some more!

  1. Take Advantage of the Festivities

Go to a corn maze, haunted house, pumpkin patches, and whatever Halloween time has to offer near you! Decorate your house inside and out (if that’s something you enjoy doing). Just stay active by distracting yourself with festivities. Don’t look at these festivities as not being active. You will be walking, running, or screaming (if you do the haunted house thing), and getting out of the house. Those are all things to stay active while not missing out on all the things Halloween has to offer.

  1. Eat Candy In Moderation

Gather the candy and food you would like to eat for Halloween. Now, cut it in half and put in a bag for later. It’s okay to indulge, just don’t overindulge. You don’t want to deprive yourself but you also don’t want to binge on candy and regret it when you step on the scale later. So, have some candy and caramel apples-but eat half and save the rest for later or share with someone!

mujer soltera japonesa There you have it! Halloween doesn’t have to be a time where you fall out of your health freak groove. There are ways to have your cake and eat it too! (Candy, that is!)

Until Next Time, Stay Healthy My Freaks! Your Mind and Body Will Thank You For It